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Why I Run

Posted by Tara Burner 9 comments

I didn’t even plan this, but today is National Running Day and here I am talking about running!

I am not a natural runner.
I actually used to hate running.
Perhaps because it was required by my father…my brother and I had to average 2 miles a day every month for god knows how many years that went on from time we were little kids til…
I hated it…
But then again I pretty much hate anything that is required
If I do it because I want to, that’s totally different than it being a requirement!
We got good at cheating
Even when it was cold and snowy we had to run…
but there were days when he wasn’t home so we’d lace up, run to the corner and a bit up the street just to get our foot prints in the snow on the road so it looked like we ran! We would also run at night, since our neighborhood had solar street lights it was like running during the day, they say that Measuring real savings with solar street lighting makes a big difference.

I did like to run in some respects, mainly it was my means of transportation from one end of town to the other and I could be places I wasn’t necessarily supposed to be quickly!

Last year I started to run (again) and then screwed up my ankles and had few other issues that put running on hold.
I’m back at it (again), this time hoping to keep at it!

Even when I don’t feel like it, I strap on my Keen trail shoes and hit the pavement.
Ok, so technically I should be hitting the trails but there aren’t any near me but I love the minimalist feel of the Keens!

I run to escape
I run to get away I ran away opps that’s another story
I run to think
I run to spend time with God with no distractions
I run because I can

I yearn for a GPS thingie like the Polar RCX3 or something so I know how fast (or slow in my case) I’m going, how far, and all that techie stuff.

I want to run in The Color Run which just happens to be in Miami in October.

Will I be ready?
I should be, yet doubt I’ll sign up for it (not anytime soon anyhow–have to overcome financial obstacles before I concern myself with paying for a race)

Then, one day the Disney Princess Half
I also want to do a duathlon which means I need to seriously get to running and somehow get a bike and start training for that as well!

Meanwhile, I’ll keep running and improving my speed (which needs A LOT of improving!) and distance.
I’ve tried the from couch to 5K program but again with the structure & requirements
I start off strong then start doing my own thing.
In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m not really good with rules and doing something unless I want to.
I want to run, but just in a go with the flow type of routine and not a laid out plan.
Is that the wisest move?
Dunno, but it’s what I do.

Question of the day
Are you running today?
Why do you run?

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Jun 6, 2012
10:12 am
#1 Miz :

because Im bound and determined to some day procure me a runners high 🙂

Jun 6, 2012
10:28 am

Well…I’m not a runner…I do cycle…but…my daughters have done the Princess half…found it quite fun…I’m sure you’ll be ready for it…enjoy your running!

Jun 6, 2012
10:42 am

Yes I am running! Just a quick 2 mile shake out the legs type of run. I think running has a different meaning for everyone. Don’t force it. Do what you love!

Jun 6, 2012
4:58 pm

Dang… sorry that running wasn’t enjoyable when you were younger. I actually don’t think I enjoyed it either, but it was part of sports (basketball/football) and I was good at it. I wish I had done track.

I do run. I run a lot. It’s my escape, my release, my excuse to have ice cream every night.

Great post and when you “hit the pavement,” I cry.

Jun 6, 2012
6:26 pm

Loves it! Great post…all of these national running day posts are so motivating!

Jun 6, 2012
8:20 pm
#6 RunInBoise :

I totally know what you mean in this post. I hate running when it is required or if I have to follow a plan, but when I do it on my own terms, I actually love it. And I did do 3 miles today 🙂

Jun 6, 2012
11:31 pm
#7 MCM Mama :

I hate training plans. I sort of follow them to get to longer races, but I play pretty fast and loose with them.

Glad you’ve found the run love!

Jun 7, 2012
12:37 am
#8 AmyC :

I run because it makes me smile, so today I ran 4 miles!

Jun 8, 2012
4:19 am
#9 Val :

Running is the best form of weight loss for me. Plus I like how the challenge is only with myself. I didn’t run today but I will do just a little 1 mile tomorrow. We have a 12k of hills race on Saturday so I am in rest mode. Then I’ll keep on training for a half. That will only be another 5 miles more than the run on Saturday so I know I can do it.

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