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Reasons to Run & Running Outside vs Running On Treadmill

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reasons to run

I personally do so much better running outside than I do on a treadmill.
Mainly because when I run outside there’s no way to stop!
I have to keep running ’til I make it back home…
On a treadmill, I can simply stop and get off.

I posted benefits of using a treadmill a few months ago.
And, there are benefits but not for me.
I sold my treadmill when I moved recently.

I also posted why I run!
In there, I mentioned wanting to run The Color Run (which is ironically today!) I am NOT running that…
But I AM running in the Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run on Nov 17th as well as the Color Me Rad 5K in Feb

Question of the day
Which do you prefer and why?
Running outside or on treadmill?
Why do you run?

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