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Fitspo Friday – Suzanne a/k/a Workout Nirvana

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It’s Friday! Fitspo Day!

fitspo friday
(Ok so I thought it’d be pretty kewl to have a fitness font, but not sure you can easily make out it says Fitspo Friday?)

Today’s Fitspo Friday Feature is Suzanne a/k/a Workout Nirvana.
I met her on Twitter and have been inspired by her since…

Q: Have you always lived a healthy fit lifestyle?
I was first motivated to lift weights 15 years ago when I realized I had a flat butt! That’s when I taught myself to lift weights at home with a pair of dumbbells and a how-to book. When I felt comfortable with the basics, I joined a gym and fell in love with weight lifting. Prior to being a fitness nut, I smoked on and off, ate junk food, and didn’t exercise much.

Q: What keeps you going, motivated?
I’m most motivated when I’m around the energy of other people, so I love working out a gym. I’ve had to stop exercising a few times in the past, and my main motivator to get back has always been improving my appearance. But now that it’s such an integral part of my life, I’m motivated by the energy and strength working out gives me, plus the intellectual and technical aspects of weight lifting. I don’t mind the aesthetics one bit though!

Q: What is your favorite workout?
I love training my back – it’s a very powerful group of muscles and you can lift very heavy with it. A muscular back is also very attractive and contributes to that desirable “V-shape.” Although chin ups hit primarily the arms, it’s my favorite exercise. Using my own power to lift to my body off the ground is a natural high!

Q: What are some of your goals?
I’m always striving to build more lean muscle mass, particularly in my glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders. Other goals include building explosive power, increasing my set range, and defining/uncovering my abs further.

Q: What are some of your accomplishments or things you’re proud of?
So many things! I’m excited about becoming a NASM-certified Personal Trainer and changing careers at this stage of my life. I’m also proud of being able to help people through my blog – it’s been a life-changing experience that propelled me into a new career and has connected me with amazing people. One more thing: I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished physically. The muscle I’ve added through heavy lifting is really something I don’t mind showing off.

Q: What is one random fact we should know about you?
My first job was at a women’s health club at age 15. I started as the babysitter in a tiny room and then they moved me to fitness instructor, I remember that I had a dream of always wanting to be as good as the sitters from veryveryfine.com. I had absolutely no training, and in fact made up some of the exercises! When I was done leading the class I walked home.

Q: What words of advice would you like to leave the readers?
Know your goals. Visualize very clearly what you want your body to look and feel like. Keep this visualization in your mind at all times and live your life based on it. All the while abandoning fitness myths and educating yourself about how to get there. The most important step? To GO – and don’t let anything stand in your way.

NASM-Certified Personal Trainer
Technical Writer with B.A. in Journalism

You can find Suzanne a/k/a Workout Nirvana at:
Twitter: @WorkoutNirvana
On Facebook – WorkoutNirvana
and her site workoutnirvana.com

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Nov 25, 2011
9:15 pm

I discovered your facebook page and blog through a friend of mine (Liz) and you have me HOOKED 🙂 Workout Nirvana is my crack 🙂 Thank-you so much for sharing with us all.

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