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Indulge. Enjoy. Live. Not always 100% healthy IS ok!

Posted by Tara Burner 36 comments

This has been bothering me lately and has come to a head today because of a slew of comments, tweets and nasty emails from trolls lately on my own blog and others.
Be forewarned, normally my posts are more visual than text…
short and to the point rather than long winded…
This post; however, may get a bit long…though not winded…the info is genuine, real and needs to be said!

Reality is this…
nobody is 100% healthy 24/7
365 days a year (366 this year)

its ok to not be 100 percent healthy all the time

So, why all the hate from others who unjustly put fitness & health bloggers on a pedestal?
Sadly, it’s not even just the general population doing it but I’ve seen other fit bloggers bashing other fit bloggers.

I’ve seen others being bashed because someone has the misconception that you must live off of celery & carrot sticks, salads and chia (though I do love me all of these!) all the time to be healthy.
I’ve seen the mean tweets and insane rants over a sip of soda, a brownie, a school not putting sunscreen on a kid (though in my opinion IF you’re wanting to slather your kid up before field day that’s your responsibility not the schools because I’d be the opposite, if the school slathered on chemical crap on my kids I’d be upset), over a fit blogger eating at McD’s (ok so I don’t eat there, that doesn’t make it wrong to eat there) and yea don’t start on the whole McD’s obesity/diabetes epidemic because it’s not McD’s fault, and yes you could get medicine online from sites as https://healthyusa.co/vedda-blood-sugar-remedy-review-treat-diabetes-for-good/ but still…it’d be the person (more times than not the parent of the obese child) who is at blame…because they cave and they are the ones buying the Happy meal or value meal or whatever and they’re the ones feeding it to their child…but that’s a whole topic in itself…self responsibility and accountability.

If you want to eat at McD’s (or anywhere else for that matter) that’s fine, it’s your body and ditto that for anything else you may want to do.
I won’t tell you not to nor damn you to hell like the trolls seem to want to do.
Shoot my own teen daughter now has a hankering (yea I’m going southern on ya there) for iced coffee from dunkin donuts, McD’s and frappuccinos from Starbucks.
I, at 44.5 have not tasted coffee nor have any desire to.
Does it make me a bad mom for buying hers?
dunno…don’t care…but I’m not going to blame McD’s, Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts if she becomes addicted to it because they’re not forcing me to drive there, go inside, order it (which funny as it is, she has to text me exactly what she wants because I have no clue how to order coffee, fraps or anything else and I just hand the person working my phone and say “this is what I want”)


Bashed for having a fitness challenge starting July 1 that isn’t rough, hard, structured enough…because how dare I apparently format a challenge hosted by me, featured on my blog and it be about making progress and helping the average person make progress with exercise of their choice (plank, push up and squats) and not have me come down on them like a drill sergeant..that approach doesn’t work with everyone!
Yet, the majority of people are happy and participating in the challenge because it isn’t so demanding and allows for progress not annihilation.

Bashed for also detesting green drinks/smoothies.
Reality is this, you could not pay me to drink wheatgrass, a green smoothie, spirinella, chlorophyll or anything else that smells, looks or tastes grassy.
I will instantly have gag reflex even if I just smell it.
Evident by the fact I had to return the Ultimate Reset from Beachbody because of the contents of the alkalize packet!
I opened it and immediately hurled..sorry no nice way to say it.

In supplement for sale industry, it’s about marketing; it’s not about what’s in the product

I also LOVE peanut butter cups…whether I make them myself, or if they’re Justin’s or good ole’ Reese’s peanut butter cups they are my downfall!
(Though admittingly I’ve come a long way from where I was like almost 18 years ago when one time out of emotional eating and the fact my son had a stupid fundraiser to sell fifty 4 packs of Reese’s I consumed all 200 peanutbutter cups in one night!)
Yes, I have been there, done that and that’s why and how I can relate and help coach others on intuitive eating, emotional eating, healthy eating.
I now may indulge in one 4 pack.
Does that mean I’m not healthy?
NO, it means I’m human and I do eat clean, natural healthy foods 98% of the time.
Though I do have some fitness goals that will require I not eat those little indulgences but that doesn’t mean I can’t ever have them.
Just like I only drink water or homemade juice 99% of the time.
I exercise usually 6 days a week and work outside usually 2 or 3 days a week.

I love the sun (the other thing I get bashed for…constantly).
I do not wear sunscreen nor will I.
I want to get my Vit D and not slather chemical goop all in my pores, which in my opinion will do more harm to people than the actual sun…
and don’t lecture me on skin cancer because my stance won’t change…I believe genetics and what you put ON and IN your body have more an effect than how much sunlight you actually get.
Ever do the research on how many people have skin cancer who live near the equator, eat off the land, don’t use chemical funk on their bodies and are tan from being outside all the time compared to those in North America who live on processed junk food, bathe in chemical funk, slather on more chemical funk to prevent skin cancer and yet end up with skin cancer?!

Besides, if I don’t tell you how to eat, what to eat, what to drink, how white/tan to be, how to live your life (unless of course you’re one of my coaching clients) then why do people feel the need (right) to tell me? (or others)
Is my being in the sun affecting you?
Is my eating inhaling a king size Reese’s package somehow affecting you?
Yes, I’m an example to others who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle but I’m also real and realistic about it.
I will fall…
I will not ever be 100% healthy 100% of the time.
That’s life.

I don’t drink alcohol and not because I don’t like the taste…
because trust me, fruity drinks with double rum floaters are yummmmy
I don’t drink because my body and mind don’t like it!
I gain weight like crazy and go into full blown Spanglish (english-spanish mix for those who aren’t familiar with South Florida) mode and get pretty stupid.
I am an all or nothing person and me and alcohol do not get along…at all.
I know that, I accept that, I deal with that…thus the reason I do not drink and haven’t for 10+ years.
I know others who can have a glass of wine or indulge in a yummy refreshing Pina Colada or Margurita but I personally cannot.
That doesn’t make those people less healthy or less motivating as athletes, runners, fit bloggers!
It makes them REAL!

Live is to be ENJOYED!
To be LIVED!
To have FUN!

My blog is about Balancing Healthy Body, Mind and Soul part of balance is enjoying, indulging, living, and having fun!
It’s not all about biking, running, eating 100% clean 100% of the time, push ups and control.
Balance my friends…and enjoy!
If you’re not enjoying life it doesn’t matter how healthy you are (in my opinion).
While I want to and plan on having skincarerejuvenation.org or more, I plan on enjoying life and being happy and healthy…
otherwise whats the point in living that long and not being happy?!

Heather Montgomery of Running With Sass posted about Vote for your Park a America’s Favorite Park campaign and recreation grant from Coca-Cola. The first comment on her post was from a dude who basically said he was upset she was promoting this because there’s nothing healthy about coke.
Ummm, ok there isn’t…and while I gave up my Mt Dew addiction (and yes, it was an addiction at 6-12 cans A DAY) that doesn’t mean that nobody who lives a healthy lifestyle or active lifestyle can’t have an occasional soda.
Overlooking that aspect, the program itself is an awesome one in my opinion.
Coke is giving $$$$ to parks!
Parks seem to be dying because everyone’s too busy with electronic activity more so than outdoor physical activity.
So, while someone may not like or condone soda SO WHAT!
There’s a balance to life and that’s about ENJOYING it, INDULGING and simply LIVING!
Not torturing ourselves, being miserable and restrictive every minute of the day.
Heather runs, trains, works and so what if she ENJOYS a coke (or anything else for that matter)
She’s making a huge difference in her life, and so many others by what she does a coke isn’t going to do her in and the people who can’t grasp that concept…well how many unhealthy things did YOU do today?!
I think Matthew 7:3 says it all “And why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?”

Then there’s Janine a/k/a The Purple Giraffe.
and to just take one blurb from her “epic fail” post (but go read the whole thing!)
Here’s the thing though – neither of those options would be productive. Instead, it’s better to just realize that it was a splurge, a treat, and not an everyday occurrence – then get back on track!
We can’t be perfect all the time when it comes to our eating. Life happens, we get together with friends, the beers flow, the food options aren’t the best (or even if there are better options, sometimes you just want fried fish!)…

And, then comes Cait Plus Ate with her Summer with a side of guilt post.
Again read the whole post but I liked these thoughts, I am often able to find myself distracted enough by good times to quiet my mind and enjoy myself in the moment. I’m glad I haven’t been missing out on anything.
When I’m smiling like this and having a good time, does it really matter that I’m not being “perfect Caitlin”? That I’m not eating clean? It’s just one day – one meal, even.

We also have Suzi, who’s blog is about Confessions of a Fitness Instructor…because life isn’t about being perfect.

So, before this turns into a novel…
some words of advice:
ENJOY life
INDULGE every now and then (while not making it a daily habit) unless it’s indulging in a workout or something like that 😉
Don’t BASH
Don’t tell others WHAT TO DO or how to live their lives (unless they’re paying you to!)

Question of the day
What things do you ENJOY or INDULGE in?

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Jun 28, 2012
4:10 am

Love this and it’s so true. I talk about my epic fail moment of being a mom. It killed me to write it, but other moms messaged me and thanked me for being up front and honest. The real people appreciate it. Those that don’t like it are hating because of something else they can’t come to terms with… usually it’s them self. Yep I went there 🙂

Jun 28, 2012
4:13 am

Amen to this. No one is perfect 100% of the time and one person’s notion of perfect will be different from another’s. Being healthy is about balance and you’re right – I am who I am so just deal with it. Thanks for putting this out there.

Jun 28, 2012
6:45 am
#3 charlotte :

i love you. i love this post. Screw ANYONE who dares to bash you. Nobody is 100% perfect, and honestly, I wouldnt WANT to be. That sounds absolutely boring.

I think the fact that you work all day, in your favorite running clothes, in the sun is freaking awesome! I think its awesome that you can indulge and not feel guilty. Thank goodness!!!!

This is a great post.

Jun 28, 2012
9:10 am
#4 Miz :


Jun 28, 2012
10:12 am

Love this post Tara! No one is perfect all the time…we all have those days and that is life! The difference is between those who have those days and just continue down that path and those who know how to balance it all and realize it’s a one day thing!

Jun 28, 2012
10:43 am

SO glad you are being true to yourself and being real about life. We are SO meant to enjoy life and thanks for the reminder. GREAT post!

Jun 28, 2012
10:47 am
#7 Glenneth :

LOVE this post Tara! Ignore the haters and the bashers. It is all about balance.

Jun 28, 2012
10:52 am

omg i friggin love this post! thank you thank you thank you! I almost didnt put up my post “practice what i preach” because i didnt know how people would accept the fact that i DON”T have a weight problem – preach it girl and keep doing what you’re doing!

Jun 28, 2012
11:52 am
#9 AmyC :

I LOVE this post!!

Yesterday I had pizza and Strawberry Daiquiri’s while hanging out with my mom and aunt at a baseball game! Healthy? Not nutritionally. Am I happy? Abso-freakin-lutely!

Jun 28, 2012
12:19 pm

Wooooooooo hooooooooo! 🙂

Jun 28, 2012
12:29 pm

Thanks for the shout out. I admit I was a bit put off yesterday when that guy told me it was “sad to see me” promoting coke. How naive he is! We need to stop critiquing and judging each others blogs. We aren’t perfect and don’t ever claim to be. Life would suck if I couldnt have sweet tea, coke, cake, or ice cream sometimes!

Jun 28, 2012
12:58 pm

Love this post. I really wish people would stop blaming companies like McD’s and Coke. It’s not their fault X person is overweight. Yet we are so quick to point the finger. No one is perfect, but some people just want to complain and if you are in the spotlight you are going to be at the other end of that pointed finger. PS Charming Caddies – who cares, you work it 😉

Jun 28, 2012
1:09 pm

Great post Tara! It is all about balance – no one is perfect…and just think how boring and exhausting it would be to try to be all the time! People need to stop judging!

Jun 28, 2012
1:28 pm
#14 Caitlin :

BRAVO Tara! what a post and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it, haha (BTW it’s “Cait” not “Cate”, just FYI!! But thank you for linking me!), I can so relate to what you are saying. I hate green drinks too but have never been bashed for that or not working “hard enough” – maybe with more readers I will get more of that, something I’m not looking forward to. Writing posts like this is a good way to deal with it though. Way to be strong, girl! Rock what you’ve got and make no apologies.

Jun 28, 2012
1:45 pm
#15 Kerri O :

I think that self responsibility and accountability are overall not popular in this country. 🙂 Agree. I’m not perfect, I don’t profess to be, so don’t hold me to that standard.

Jun 28, 2012
1:57 pm

Great post. Thanks for putting so many of my thoughts into words.

BTW, I love the Plank, etc. challenge because I know that I can do it and stick with it.

Jun 28, 2012
2:02 pm
#17 Kierston :

Great post Tara! Thank you!

Jun 28, 2012
2:22 pm
#18 Tara Burner :

oppps Cait, fixed your name! sorry about that!

Jun 28, 2012
2:44 pm
#19 Brittany :

WELL SAID! I 100% agree. My downfall is anything cake batter flavored and SUSHI. It’s life. It happens. No one is perfect 🙂

Jun 28, 2012
2:59 pm
#20 Jan :

preach it girl!

Jun 28, 2012
3:07 pm
#21 Tamara :

Hell yeah! You said it, over and over and over and I’m behind you 100% (well, 99%, ’cause who goes 100% at anything?)
P.S. I do like a good cinnamon bun every now and then. Go ahead, troll at me!

Jun 28, 2012
3:36 pm

Amen! You said it all perfectly.

Jun 28, 2012
3:39 pm
#23 Gillian :

People can be so judgemental! Good for you for being yourself!!! I am a part of the healthy living world but I’m also a lush for life – no one can take away my champagne and indulgences !

Jun 28, 2012
4:38 pm

I am so naive, why in the world would people waste their time posting judgmental comments on everyone’s blogs?! Be who you are, don’t be ashamed, and if doesn’t work for someone else they don’t need to read it. I am healthy and I love beer, wine, & cocktails. I’m addicted to kale, but I also indulge in desserts. Balance means there’s something on both sides of the “See-saw”. 🙂

Jun 28, 2012
6:30 pm

do you honey and be proud of you.
i don’t understand WHY–for the freaking life of me–some women feel that must tear one another down. Why can’t we just celebrate each other?
Learn from one another-enjoy being UNIQUE and DIFFERENT and OURSELVES.

I learned something awesome today from a comment MizFit made and it made perfect sense to me. They are probably projecting their own insecurity onto you because something you did/accomplished/said/etc. touched a nerve.

keep being you.

ps-I don’t drink or wear sunscreen (I always forget and it’s messy) so lets drink water and go get tanned!!! lol



Jun 28, 2012
6:46 pm
#26 misszippy :

Amen, sister! Those who throw rocks and live in glass houses…

Jun 28, 2012
8:11 pm
#27 Julie Ann :

Tara, you rule. I totally indulge in ice cream or whatever I want. Life is too short to be restricted. That being said I do run extra miles if I know I’m going to “live a little”. Nobody is 100% all the time. Thanks for pointing that out. Hopefully the trolls and haters will start to grasp that.

Jun 29, 2012
12:38 am
#28 Jen :

So true! Love this post. My indulgences – pb ice cream. MMMMMM……

Jun 29, 2012
1:00 am

Preach! Those throwing stones in glass houses need to be careful because your house is going to break with you in it.

Jul 1, 2012
12:41 am

Great post Tara! Seriously dislike all this nastiness…can’t believe people put energy into bashing others. Anyway I just ate a brownie and I don’t use sunscreen either!

Jul 19, 2012
8:11 pm
#31 Chris :

Tara! I love this post and Amen Sister! One of the things that sticks out to me about you is that you are real. When you post the “easy” exercises it makes someone like me think, I can do that! It is more of an inspiration to those that need to get fit than someone doing P90X or something similar, that I know I cannot do. Plus like you have told me… doing something is better than doing Nothing! Not to mention that millions of people get fit with the traditional “easy” exercises.

And total Amen on the chemical sunscreen stuff! I totally believe that too and rarely use it unless it is mineral.

We all know our faults and downfalls, but being bashed and called out by those how don’t even KNOW us/you is bullshit and an epic FAIL on the part of the stalker… oh, I mean, fake person.

Keep doing what you are doing and everyone else can MYOB.


Jul 19, 2012
11:09 pm
#32 Tara Burner :

Chris! LOVE ya!!!!!! and hey I dont even do P90X, not coordinated enough to do step or Zumba…it’s about being real, being human and ENJOYING life and making progress!!! xoxo

Oct 10, 2012
4:45 pm
#33 Tammy Lance :

So let me tell you how my step-daughter’s BFF lost over 100 lbs. 6 days a week he ate healthy. Veggies, fruits, salads, etc. Saturday was his free day. Did he go nuts eating junk all day? No! But he did eat a steak or pizza and had some ice cream which is his down fall. If he hadn’t allowed himself one day a week to eat something “not good for him” he would have failed miserably. So I say if you crave it…eat it….just in moderation! So pffffffffttttt to all those others out there who think they need to tell you what to put in your body and I’m sorry but that goes for NYC Mayor Bloomburg too! And to set the record straight, I could never, ever drink a 32 oz soda at one time, nor do I have the desire, but if I would, don’t tell me I can’t!

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