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Exercise for stress relief

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Studies have shown that one of the best ways to relieve stress is…exercise.
Yes, some of you do not like that word EXERCISE, but it works.
It’s beneficial to you in so many ways and you can add stress relief as another added benefit.

Whether it’s running outside, working out inside or beating on some punching bags…exercise is an excellent stress buster.

Exercise allows you to breath deeper when you most need it – when you are stressed, you breath shallowly depriving yourself of oxygen when you really need it.

Exercise lightens depression. Movement is good, so when feeling down…get up and get moving.

Exercise can increase your energy levels and when you have lots of energy, you are better able to deal with situations.

Your sleep patterns may improve with exercise. Rather than be kept awake worrying, you’ll be able to have a peaceful night of sleep.

Exercise can make you more alert, healthier, build your self confidence and self esteem.

So, when things begin to build up or worry you…go exercise!

Team Beachbody Coach

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