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Posted by Tara Burner 10 April 2010

I am a licensed FL Realtor (Real Estate Broker Associate)
Visit my site at TaraBurner.net for your real estate needs, whether you’re buying, selling or renting.


Yes, I have a lot going on but I’m active and not good at just sitting still doing nothing…

I’m available to act as Brand Ambassador, Promoter for your company or brand at events or online.
If you have any questions or would like to book me, please contact me

Photographs by AFlawlessImage.com


Inspiration Coaching is available.
Sometimes you need some motivation, inspiration and guidance in life.
Not only am a certified Inspiration Coach but I also coach and help you based on my own life experiences.
email me for details and rates.
I will work with your budget and set up a plan that specifically meets your needs.


Product Reviews and Giveaways

Looking for a way to get your product noticed?
I can help you.
I do reviews, giveaway, sponsored posts and guest posts for a variety of companies.
However, the majority are on health/fitness/wellness products, workout clothing, workout equipment, swimwear, natural products, organic products, food items, cooking items, eco-friendly green products, restaurants and travel destinations since these are what the majority of my readers come here for.
I am open to anything that doesn’t go against my morals and beliefs.
If your company would like me to do a review, giveaway or post please email me for rates and information.

Twitter @TaraBurner
Facebook: Tara Burner
Instagram: Tara Ann Burner

If you would like to a product for me to review on this blog, (which also gets promoted and seen on my other Twitter accounts and Facebook pages as well) please email me.

The review will be professionally written and contain personally taken photographs of your product and/or photographs/images that you may supply as well.
My review will be totally honest and unbiased.

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