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Cravers Chicken: Honey BBQ & Chicken Parm

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It’s that time of week again…
…more chicken from Cravers Chicken (Koch Foods)!
You did see the big assortment I got from Cravers Chicken right?
A girl’s gotta get her protein in different ways (and convenient ones for that matter now that I’m on the road more than ever).
(and yes, I used to be vegan/vegetarian…obviously those days are behind me before some of you start texting and messaging me like you did from last post)

A few nights ago, I had the Chicken Parm
New Oven Cravers Chicken Parm is a contemporary take on a family favorite. Delicious stuffed chicken breasts filled with four cheeses – Provolone, Mozzarella, Romano, & Parmesan – in marinara sauce that is sure to satisfy your whole crew.

cravers chicken parm

Cravers Chicken Parm was full of cheese and marinara sauce oozing out in every bite of the 5 ounce portion.
Even the pickest chicken parm eater will enjoy sinking their teeth into this stuffed breast.
It’s great pick when you want something filling and goes awesomely with spaghetti or angel hair (hey, do it like it’s real Italian food!)
Each one has 22g of protein and for a frozen meal isn’t high in sodium like other prepackaged frozen foods are.

I also enjoyed a tangy Honey BBQ chicken breast too.
Try new Honey BBQ Tender Cravers – a sweet and tangy BBQ flavor ready right from your oven. You won’t need any extra sauce as our newest chicken tender offers scrumptious and pleasing flavor baked in with every bite.
cravers chicken honey bbq

Cravers Chicken is real white meat and not who knows what trying to be passed off as chicken.
When cut, you can see it’s nothing but white meat!

It’s tender, juicy and tastes like it is home cooked BBQ.
The BBQ sauce is a perfect blend of tangy goodness…
a lot of taste in every mouthful!

So far everything I’ve tried has been filling, great tasting and easy to prepare…all pluses for me!
You definitely get your money’s worth with these affordable palatable products.

Stay tuned for even more Cravers Chicken products and deliciousness in the month to come here!

You can purchase the Cravers products locally, just put in your zip code on their site to find a retailer near you.
And, you can find Cravers Chicken on:
Facebook: CraversChicken
@CraversChicken on Twitter
Pinterest (CraversChicken)
and don’t forget Tumblr (craverschicken)

I received product for the purpose of review. All opinions contained above are my own.

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