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Loving Everyone and Everything

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Yea yea yea, I.Tara.Burner.am.posting.about.LOVE.
Get over it…
I’m trying and that would be the operative word…trying to apply this to my own life, though it’s not working out so well so far!
I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy, cuz it sure the heck isn’t!
Especially the people on the road who can’t drive, the jerky customer service people, and rude people everywhere I seem to go.
But, I’m trying.

It’s easy to love the ones you care about…
not so easy to love everyone around you…sometimes you have to be around people whom you’d really rather not!
But, I’m trying.

And, NO this has nothing to do with the lovey dovey type of love.
At least not for me.
Before any of y’all start thinking anything you shouldn’t be thinking.
Told ya before, will say it again…I’m good with things the way they are…
happily single…til the right one comes.
Til then I just secretly very publicly lust after Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and a few other totally hot (yet few yrs younger than but who cares) men.

Meanwhile on a more serious note…
Here are some quick tips on how to love everyone and everything…
Love…unconditionally. (Yep that’s a hard one!)
Loving without limitations or conditions is difficult…but it can be done.
When you’re being loving, you’re happy so you’ll experience love and happiness by being what you want as well (did that just make sense?)
Choose how you feel. Only you can make yourself happy, sad, upset or loving.
Use an affirmation if it’ll help you and repeat it throughout the day (ie: I am a loving person. I love everyone around me. I give and receive love.)
Intentionally look for the good in people and in all situations.

Question of the day
Do you find it easy or difficult to love everything and everyone?

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