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Scentsy Plug-in Warmers & Scents for the Holidays

Posted by Tara Burner 1 comments

It’s the holiday season (a bit early but nonetheless Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up, it’s wintery in some parts of the country) so, with that being said I wanted to share these great Scentsy plug in wax warmers.
They’re a great way to have those holiday aromas throughout your home no matter whether you live in the snowy cold or the hot south!

You can choose from Gingerbread men, or perhaps something more angelic, or celebrate the birth of Christ and the night in the manger on that silent night.

No snow in your neck of the woods?
No worries, now you can have some…
Snow day warmer (featuring a snowman and snow flakes) or a red warmer with snowflakes

Or, get more than one and have your entire house filled with holiday fragrances.

The Scentsy plug-in warmers are easy to use.
Just put a cube or two from a Scentsy bar in the plug-in warmer and plug in, letting the aroma permeate your home.

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Question of the day
What’s your favorite holiday scent

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Nov 7, 2011
6:03 pm
#1 Alycia :

I love the gingerbread man one! So cute, and perfect for the holiday season!

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