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People Change – Because You Do Something, Doesn’t Mean Everyone Should Do It…

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Yes, people change…
I have

like my bestie Julie says I’m unpredictable, indescribable and an enigma
By the time you think you’ve figured me out
You realize you haven’t!

Like the title of this blog says…
me being me — undeniably unapologetically unique and original

It’s been entertaining & challenging on my Facebook wall lately because of a lot of changes going on.
I’ve been chastised via DM’s, emails, texts…
Had condescending comments on posts
all because I’ve changed or because I’m not doing what others think I should be doing.

I’m not green enough any more, I’m not vegan/vegetarian any more, I posted a pic of a steak sub (the horror), I go to a tanning bed (egads! though I’ve been doing that for 18+ yrs) — yet I don’t drink coffee (never have! though I do drink hot chocolate out of a styrofoam cup at Dunkin Donut when it’s cold out–the horror again), I don’t eat fast food yet do love Resee’s PB Cups (see below!), I’m too girly (now that I like dresses, heels & getting my mani/pedi), I’m too tomboy-ish, I need to see a dr about torn hammie, I need to do this or that, blah blah blah…

So, here…
here’s a quick insight to how I feel about some of those things

I used to get my nails done…
then I stopped…
then I started again recently…
and now I freak if I have any break (or all of them!)

and while, I really must have my nails done
I still don’t do my hair (wash, comb, go–that’s how I roll)
and the extent of my makeup still remains eyeliner and mascara…

I posted back in June ’12 about not always being 100% healthy and that it’s ok…
And, I still stand by that!

I luv Tammy & her hubby Al who’ve dared me to eat lima beans…
ewwwwwwwwwww never again

Yet, Tammy also posted this today and you know that I will be making this!

I fear ducks, evidenced by many posts on FB

Though, after this morning and being called a wuss for the upteenth time, I am going to work on the duck phobia!
Will try to refrain from screaming like a little girl and jumping up on the table when a duck looms near by.
I will conquer that fear and be called a wuss no more!

While many read this blog and my other social media outlets, apparently a lot didn’t realize I wrote a book!
Yes, I have a book out!
(and no, I’m not a self righteous holier than thou Bible thumping type…I just love and believe Jesus and wrote this down to earth, easy to comprehend book)

I will always luv my Scion!
Even if it is the butt of countless jokes!
Especially since I had the original toaster (as seen in video below and NO that was NOT me in the video!) and now have the 09.

You can watch the video here LOL

I will always wear flip flops (though I do love me my wedge heels too and of course sneakers!)
I will always love the heat and dislike the cold (hellooooooo, I left PA at 17 to South FLORIDA, doesn’t that tell ya something, I always keep on eye on the wholesale Goodman heat pumps just in case I ever need one!)

I’m a Realtor now…whohooooo (ms professional)
Yet, according to some others I don’t portray the Realtor image.
Meaning, some days I may show properties in a running skirt & tank top with sneakers…
other days I’ll have on a dress and heels.
I don’t fit the stereotypical image of a real estate associate that’s for sure!
But, you know what…
I’m not supposed to!
I’m supposed to be ME and my clients like me for me!
So, I’ll keep being me.
(so to those who want to email me, text me about my biz card pic & attire…save yourself the time and don’t! Use that time instead to focus on yourself and not what I’m doing!)
Besides, I must be doing something right because people recognize me in stores from my ads & signs and other agents recognize me if they happen to show up at a property I’m showing!

One thing that won’t change…
is me being me…
whoever that happens to be at the moment…
I will be!

I am and always will be a work in progress
changing some things
leaving others just as they are
tweaking some
totally getting rid of others

But, no matter what I do, I won’t tell anyone else how they should live their life or make snide self righteous comments about their choices…
nor should you!

Be YOU and don’t worry about what others are doing!
now stepping off my soap box

Question of the day
What do YOU do that others may not see eye to eye on?

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