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Savannah, GA

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Recently, my daughter and I visited Savannah, GA.
You can see some of the pictures not seen below on Flickr

I posted on Twitter asking for recommendations for the area prior to visiting. Almost instantly, VisitSavannah on Twitter responded and I got their tour guide via snail mail, which was helpful for finding things to do in the area.


We ended up staying in The Hyatt Regency Savannah and loved it!.
Our room was over looking the river (which was great until the last day when the stench from the mills, ships, etc. around there blew in).


The customer service all the way from the valet, to the front desk, to the concierge, and the room service was remarkable.
Everyone was extremely hospitable and went above and beyond…then again what else would one expect from The Hyatt.
With the AAA discounts and other promotions, we received breakfast via room service every day we were there which was a pleasure! The food was scrumptious and my daughter even devoured her biscuits & sausage gravy (and she’s a picky eater so this was outstanding!). Desserts nightly via room service as well were an added treat during our stay. The women who brought us our goodies were mega polite (not sure how many times I heard “Thank you Ms Burner, Have a good day Ms Burner, Have a good night Ms Burner” but sure was welcome change from South Florida!).

We enjoyed walking around City Market and visiting the little shops and took a horse carriage tour as well.


We were going to eat at Paula Deen’s restaurant, but the earliest time we could get in was at 9:45 p.m for dinner and then after looking at menu discovered there wasn’t anything that either my daughter nor I would’ve eaten! So, we passed on that.

We ate lunch at Belford’s of Savannah, where my daughter had chicken alfredo as seen below and loved it.

Here’s a picture of the fried green tomatoes as well that my daughter took.
(note, these pictures are copyrighted so please don’t swipe them! thank you!)

As you enjoy a stroll on River Street, you must stop in River Street Sweets who also has Market Street Sweets in Charleston, SC.

Here are some of the pictures my daughter took of some of the mouth watery treats.
(note, these pictures are copyrighted so please don’t swipe them! thank you!)


We experienced a not so wonderful tour via Old Town Trolley with “Tim” our guide who was lousy at best. He blew by things so quickly that there was no time to really see anything. He spoke quickly and not clearly, so in addition to not seeing any sights we had no clue as to what he was even saying most the time.
We’ve used them when visiting St. Augustine, FL and have always had excellent guides and enjoyed the tour.
I was really disappointed that every tour guide person (be it on trolley, bus or carriage) all said the same thing about the park where they filmed Forrest Gump and Tom Hanks was sitting on the bench waiting for the bus. They all showed the park where that was and said that any one of the benches could be photographed and you can say it was the same bench. The only problem with that is, the bench he sat on was facing the street waiting for the bus, and all the benches in the park are within the park and face inwards. Yes, I know…not a big issue but I had the ideal photo opp planned and couldn’t do it!

All in all, the trip was enjoyable but Charleston, SC and St Augustine are still favored for south east coast vacation spots.

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