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Review: Tin City, Naples FL

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Another repost since the travel site this was originally posted on on May 11, 2009 is for sale and I dont want to lose the post 🙂

Tin City located in Naples, FL was interesting.
I went after my dad mentioned it. Glad we stopped there.

They had little shops and stores located in the buildings that used to be a 1920’s clam processing plant. In 1976 they converted the plant into what is now Tin City. All the shop owners/workers were friendly and went out of their way to say “good day” even if you were just walking by their shop.

Of course my favorite store was of course the Peace Frogs store. Yes, I know I can get that anywhere..but there’s not one in SE FL, so…..I bought 2 new dresses, tee and daughter got a dress and bracelet.

There’s a SeriousCookie store there and OMG the smell of their cookies being baked filled part of the shop area.

There are waterfront restaurants where you can eat and watch the boats go out and enjoy the outdoors.

It was truly an unique place to visit!

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