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Naples Movies in Park & 5th Ave Shops

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yep, sorry another repost from May, 2009 since the travel blog is for sale.

We spent some time walking the shops on 5th Avenue in Naples. At night the avenue is light up with small lights and people enjoying the atmosphere in the store front restaurants and shops.

We made a stop at Life is Good (why isn’t there one of those stores in SE FL?). My daughter also bought nail polish from Del Sol where the items change color when in sunlight. I’m pretty sure it’s not chemical free nor eco friendly, but the nail polish is pretty cool along with the other items and I’m not going to deprive a 13 yr old of color changing nail polish.

On Saturday night they had a “movie in the park” for people to come, gather, enjoy.
This past Saturday was Beverly Hill’s Chihuahua and wow was the park full of kids and dogs! We had our chairs and were amongst the crowd enjoying the free movie. It started at sunset and other than the bugs bothering my daughter it was really cool to see people all together like that.

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