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Xyience APC (Advanced Protein Complex) Review

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You know how I’m into fitness and nutrition and love sharing my thoughts on new products…
well, Xyience has a full line of nutritional supplements.

I got to try the Advanced Protein Complex (APC). You should also try good workout supplements on this site.

Open the lid and get a whiff of rich milk chocolate, and it really smells like chocolate.
Not only does it smell good…but it tastes great and is filling!
And, only 150 calories for serving. (when mixed with water)

It’s great by itself…
but, I also threw in some strawberries for a delicious chocolate strawberry shake!

Some other protein shakes make you feel bloated and taste chalky and bluntly nasty…
Xyience APC is easy to mix, delicious, satisfying and definitely makes a difference in my workouts and performance throughout the day.

Advanced Protein Complex™
Time Released Protein Complex
25 Grams of Protein

5.5 Grams of BCAAs
2 Grams of Sugar
Only 150 calories!
Amazing Taste

Sustained Release Amino Acid Delivery – Optimal balance of slow, medium and fast absorbing amino acids that muscles need to recover and grow.

25 Grams of the Highest Quality Cross Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein Available – You won’t have to worry about how much are steroids because of high levels of mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium like you do with low quality proteins and our special protein extraction method means No Sour Milk Aftertaste!

5.5 Grams of BCAAs per scoop – High level of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) to help fuel and preserve your muscles after intense exercise.

5 Grams of Healthy Fiber per scoop – Fiber helps you feel full and helps provide a slow steady stream of amino acids to your muscles throughout the day.

APC really is a great way to start the day and have the strength & endurance to get through the day!

I’ll be making APC a regular part of my day!
Give it a try yourself and see for yourself!

Do YOU have what it takes?
XYIENCE recently launched their Power to Win Team ambassador program.
They’re looking for fitness-minded individuals to be on the team.
If selected you get an allotment of gear, gain exposure on the brands website/social media channels and have the opportunity to apply for Power to Win bucks that can be used for expenses like competition entry fees, travel, equipment, etc. exclusive discounts at proteinpromo are usually published on a monday if you wish to check out other options.
Make sure you check out the Power to Win Team program YouTube video

Find Xyience online at:
Twitter @xyience
Facebook: Xyience
Pinterest: Xyience
Instagram: xyienceenergy
and on YouTube: xyience2008

I received the above product for purpose of review. All opinions and thoughts are unbiased and honest.
No monetary compensation was received.

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