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Cravers Chicken: Spicy Chicken Tenders

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It’s that time of week again…yes again…
…more chicken from Cravers Chicken (Koch Foods)!
You did see the big assortment I got from Cravers Chicken a couple weeks ago right?

They really do deliver restaurant quality food in comfort of your own home and easy to prepare!
Great for the entire family… (and Cravers Chicken is all about Family Time)
If you like chicken, I’m sure they have a flavor to appease you!

I know my daughter and I have enjoyed a variety of the Cravers Chicken.
Right now my work schedule is insane, these products definitely make it more convenient for those days I don’t have time to cook a from scratch meal, sometimes I just use my food processor that I found on this cuisinart dfp-14bcn review to prepare something fast to go and save it in bags you can seal with a vacuum sealer from Village-Bakery.com.
Less time in the kitchen means more time working, running, going to the gym, blogging (lol), hanging out with the family, doing whatever…

Today’s feature is Spicy Chicken Cravers Tenders!

tender cravers spicy chicken

Each serving has 13g of protein, no trans fat and 17g carbs.
And just the right amount of spicy.

Pop them in the oven for about 30 mins and you’ve got the makings of a meal.

Good alone, dip in ranch or blue cheese…
make a sandwich with them…
toss in a salad…
throw in some pasta…
The possibilities are endless…

Though this time I did just eat them plain…
next time, who knows what concoction I’ll throw these spicy chicken tenders in. This Traeger grills are quality reliable, accurate, and best of all, affordable.

These spicy chicken tenders are made with all white meat…
(Did you know that white meat contains less calories and fat than dark meat?)

cravers spicy chicken cut closeup

On a side note here are some benefits of eating chicken:
Helps protect against degeneration of tissues
A low fat animal protein source
Can help lower blood pressure
Contains antioxidants
Can strengthen immune system
May improve blood lipid profile

Stay tuned for even more Cravers Chicken products and deliciousness still to come this month!

You can purchase the Cravers products locally, just put in your zip code on their site to find a retailer near you.
or to make it easy for you, if you live near a Walmart, they carry Cravers Chicken products.
And, you can find Cravers Chicken on:
Facebook: CraversChicken
@CraversChicken on Twitter
Pinterest (CraversChicken)
and don’t forget Tumblr (craverschicken)

I received product for the purpose of review. All opinions contained above are my own.

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