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Almost barefoot – California Footwear Co. Review & Reader Discount

Posted by Tara Burner 3 comments

Yes, y’all know I’m a barefoot luvin’ type of girl
But, I may be reformed (or at least content now wearing shoes from California Foot Wear Co)

Now your feet can always feel like they’re living the good life. California Footwear Company represents all the good things about California — a focus on health, a touch of fashion, outdoor fun, and a laid-back, connected to the world-around-us kind of a feeling.

I want to move to California after that blurb!
ok for other reasons too but still…who can resist that?!
And it screams out to me!

I received a pair of San Diego Bronze Metallic cork sandals to try out.

San Diego is one of the most popular coastal towns in the U.S. Wear them with your favorite capris, swingy skirt or comfy jeans. As part of our cork collection, the San Diego features our ergonomic footbed which is shaped like your foot — not an arrow — allowing room for your feet and toes to function as they should. Our deep heel cup helps focus the natural shock absorbing pad on your heel. The deep heel cup also helps provide a neutral plane (no elevated heel) to the sandal, which benefits your posture. Think barefoot, but with better arch support and fashion appeal.

These truly are comfy!
It doesn’t feel like I have shoes on when I’m wearing them.
I can slip theses on and go run errands and still feel like I’m barefoot and lovin life!

The Californial Footwear Company was developed by long time Birkenstock exec. David Bergum, Donita Dennis and John Wilkinson.
I wore these the first time out to run errands, two people asked me about them!
I posted a quickie pic on Facebook and people loved them (apparent by the comments in the pic)

California Footwear Co. cares about the environment. Our products feature many renewable components, including cork, which is the bark of the cork oak tree and can be harvested every 6 years or so. And latex is a natural form of rubber that comes from a tree. Jute is made from cotton. The glue used in the construction of our cork line of sandals is water-based, which is better for the health of our assembly team and better for the environment.

Check out some product highlights:
Cork and latex are used to to make the footbeds. Some brands use a combination of cork and man-made rubber. Why does this matter? Over many years of experience, we’ve noticed that cork/latex shapes to the foot much better than any other combination of materials. How do you tell the difference? Take a whiff—cork/rubber smells like a basketball, while cork and natural latex has no smell at all. Man-made rubber is also heavier.
California Footwear Co. sandals are a great value. They feature leather uppers made to last. Their products can be re-soled, and buckles replaced (although you probably would never need to) by many qualified repair shops. Since you have already broken them in perfectly to your feet, it saves money and makes perfect sense to prolong the life of your favorite pair of shoes – not to mention that it is one less pair in the landfill.
Every pair of our cork sandals has an added layer of latex cushioning and soft leather for instant comfort.
Over 30 people are involved in making each and every pair of our cork sandals.

California Footwear Company also developed a giving program called Best Foot Forward that partners with non profits to help raise money.
They give at least 2% and up to 20% of the purchase price on each pair of shoes to organizations such as Soles4Sould and local nonprofits through the US of A.
So, in addition to benefiting your feet, you’re helping Best Foot Forward when you purchase from California Footwear Company.

Don’t these look comfy?
They ARE!
Hard to believe that the brand launched in Spring of 2011!
These shoes rule!

Now you can get yours for 15% OFF!
Just go to
the site and use the coupon code TAF15 to get 15% off your order.

Visit californiafootwearco.com to check out their shoes-they have shoes for women, men and kids!
Make sure to like California Footwear Co on Facebook
and follow @CAFootwearco on Twitter

Question of the day
Do you like going barefoot?

I received the product above for review. I didn’t receive any compensation for my review other than happy feet! All opinions, thoughts are my own and unbiased.

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Jun 13, 2012
1:18 am

Why can I picture you working out on your BallBike while wearing your California Footwear Sandals? Next thing I know, you’ll start secretly liking fitness shoes, you barefoot rascal! Those sandals are both cute and so YOU! I’d love to see the company create a “Santa Barbara” shoe!

Jun 13, 2012
4:13 am

It’s not every day there’s a shoe that matches your skin! Those look super comfy.

Jun 13, 2012
10:25 am
#3 Miz :

those remind me of my fave birks 🙂

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