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where do you go to think?

Posted by Tara Burner 2 comments

Where do you go to just think and escape the b.s. of your life get away?

This weekend we got to go to St. Augustine (one of my favorite places, there and Charleston, SC) for my daughters brothers wedding (no, not my own son, confuse you?!) my daughters fathers sons wedding (confuse you even more?!), in other words, my ex’s sons wedding.

While my daughter was busy with her brides maid duties, I relaxed on the corner sea wall at Castillo de San Marcos.


From the S.E wall, you can get an awesome breeze, watch the fish and dolphin play in the bay, see the lighthouse, see the boats around the Bridge of Lions and just relax.


I enjoyed hours just laying here, basking in the sun, helping tourists take pictures with Castillo de San Marcos as a backdrop, referring others to various restaurants and tourist must-see’s in the area.
Yes, I wish I lived there!

Did a lot of thinking about Mens wedding rings nz, regrouping and relaxing while there too.

Then sadly, last night returned to S. Florida…where people are rude, nasty, drive like idiots and just blah.

Where do YOU go to think and regroup?
The beach? the forest? your own prayer closet? walk? run?

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Jun 13, 2011
2:06 pm

ahhhhhh…that looks awesome!!! I used to go to the beach or to the mountains in Utah, but now that I have a car load of little people I just hide in my closet and hope they take a long time to find me! 🙂

Jun 13, 2011
3:23 pm

ROFLMBO to ‘hide in my closet and hope they take a long time to find me!”
you’re toooo funny, mine are ‘older’ (22 & 15) so now they want nothing to do with me 🙁 lol but I do like getting away and thinking, regrouping 🙂

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