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How to live life to the fullest

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a man should not leave this earth with unfinished business live each day

How to LIVE each day
Be present – enjoy the moment
Love everyone – yes, I know…difficult but it can be done
Give back – be of service, be charitable
Be positive – focus on the good things
Laughlaughter is great for the soul
Be adventurous – try something new or something you’ve postponed doing – do it now!
Forgive others – holding on to regret and anger only hurts you not the person you’re upset with
Take nothing for granted
Appreciate everything
Be happy and joy filled
and… Carpe Diem…seize the day!

Remember L.O.V.E.
L-Listen more and talk less!
O-Overlook the small things – they don’t really matter in the big picture.
V-Value others and what you have.
E-Express yourself and experience life!

Question of the day
What will you to make sure you don’t leave unfinished business?
Do you have long weekend plans?

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