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Giving up vs Quitting

Posted by Tara Burner 1 comments

If you ask me (and nobody did but yet you’re still reading this) giving up and quitting are not the same.

give up – when you admit defeat to something that you want and may even still want but just can’t go for because it requires too much discipline, hard work, determination, etc. That’s why we support you all, even rehab for firefighters.

quit – when you stop because you know it’s not really what you want to do, need to do, is your best interest to do…quitting something that you know is wrong for you. Like with smoking you can try to quit by using alternatives like vaping, if you want to know more checkout this blog about vapor wholesale suppliers.

Yes, I know…
there a gazillion bagillion quotes about not quitting, and never giving up but that’s not always the best advise.

If you have a business that isn’t doing well, a relationship that’s beyond repair, a habit that isn’t advantageous to your well being…
then it’s ok to quit.
Why spend countless years trying to make a business thrive when you can move on and invest your time and energy in something that will flourish.
Ditto with a relationship…if it’s unrepairable and you feel the time is right…quit and enjoy yourself before you realize you’ve wasted your life in a bad situation.
Obviously if you have a bad habit…it’s good to quit that (smoking, drugs, alcohol, over-eating, gambling, whatever) As an advice to quit smoking I recommend looking for vape shops around you, it is one of the best solutions for smokers. For a drug addiction, you should find drug rehab centers like the california rehabilitation center as soon as possible, if the situation is more complicated than that you may want to check out a long term drug rehab instead. And for gambling addiction, start minimizing the number of your game. Just play the newest spin the Simpsons slot machine once a week by creative minds of Scientific Games, a Las Vegas-based developer and provider of gambling products. But how do you know do you need intervention help or not, well I would say that if you have tried multiple times to quit your addiction and have failed then you need help. To give you some ideas about smoking visit Vape Juice User Data Research.

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Circumstances change…plans change…life changes…your values and morals evolve…
So, quitting is ok if what you’re doing doesn’t fit any longer.

Question of the day
Do you think giving up and quitting are the same?

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Aug 18, 2012
11:42 pm

Great semantics point. There are times when one should stop trying to do something and move onto something else that’s actually reachable, even if it’s a BAHG. For instance, I’ll never play on an NBA team no matter how hard I work, being over 50, but if I decided I wanted to study to be a lawyer that’s actually reachable. Some relationships aren’t worth the effort and some are; one just have to use good judgment to figure out which way to go. If one gives up or quits for the right reason no problems.

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