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Dreams…Going In Different Directions

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I guess everyone has dreams
things they want to accomplish…
something they’re going for

think big dream big

What if your dreams take you in two different directions?
How do you chase your dreams then?!


No big surprise that I’m confused and scattered on which direction to go…
seems to be a trait of mine.
I want something, I go for it
but what happens when a few things I want put me in different ends of the spectrum?
Then WHAT?!
Perhaps one of them isn’t really what I’m supposed to do?
How do I get clear on that and focus on which one to go for?
As one door opened (or rather I shoved it open) and am starting to make my way
another few doors are cracking open as well…
Do I split my time?
Focus on one?

Guess only time will tell which way I go…


Question of the day
Are you going for your dream?
Already did?

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