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3 Things You Should Appreciate & Value In Life

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Just a quick 3 things that you should appreciate, be grateful for and value in your life.
I admit that one is a new concept for me.

* Health – You must take care of yourself now so you can have a quality life. If you’re not healthy, you’ll be limited on the quality of life you’ll experience.


* Love – ahhhhh this is the newbie for me! I never thought I’d get all mushy gushy emotional or rely, need, want this…for years I played the strong independent single one…now, it’s an entirely different world…one that I’m glad to be part of now and admittingly need & want!

* Time – We all get the same 24 hours a day to do with what we choose. Make sure to cherish time and not waste it. It’s a precious commodity we can only use once!

Question of the day
What do YOU value?

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