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Weekly Recap: Pushups, #Running #kettlebell & Business

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This week has been a blur
Actually pretty much lately I have no clue what day it is…
I get up, do what I do and do it again the next day after a few hours of sleep…
yes, I’m still only sleeping 1.5-3 hours a night…
not sure why but eventually I’ll sleep normally
(or not…either way…)

Recap for this week:
in no particular order as I said I can’t remember what day is what
I do know during week I’m at LA Fitness at 5 working out
Run in evening during week

On weekends, run in the wee dark o clock hours since the gym doesn’t open til 7 and by then I’m having breakfast at Dunkin Donut!

Besides the above daily stuff
I did manage to mess up my ankle one day running but iced it, wrapped it, rested it and was good to go the next day!

I did 51 pushups but did not get it on video 🙁
then did manage to get 46 on video
Goal: 100 consecutive pushups (so I have my work cut out for me)

Got my Pretty Muddy Shirt…
pretty muddy womens mud run
I’m promoting the Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run in Miami on Nov 17th!
Want to have fun in the mud with me?
Sign up NOW! (Get $10 OFF if you sign up by 10/17)

Worked for RESF Broward on advertising and promoting rental properties at SouthFloridaRentalProperties.com. They also do sales and purchases! If you need any info on listings just call me 954-549-3393 and I’ll set up the appointment with John Quinn, Real Estate Sales Associate.

Did some tile & carpet cleaning and some promoting for Scopa’s Carpet Cleaning
scopas carpet cleaning

Dealt with some other nonsense and think I threw kettlebell around a few days this week as well.

Today…ran, breakfast out, lunch out, trip to Magic Tan & Massage for some sun (since it’s rained all day and a lot this week) they also showed me an amazing foot massage chart, and now back to work….and the last few mins of the New England Game

Question of the day
How was YOUR week? weekend?

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