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Tips for those in direct sales #dstips #directsales

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It might seem weird reading a direct sales post here on my blog, but for those who don’t know…I used to own a direct sales company.
I started it from the ground in 2006 and sold it in 2010.
I’ve also been a rep for countless other direct sales companies.
I’ve coached others in starting their own direct sales company.
I’ve helped promote others who are in direct sales companies.

I have other things going on (some of which are on this site, some of which aren’t) but I am not affiliated with any direct sales companies personally, nor do I want to be.
Yet, that doesn’t stop countless people from thinking I should be a rep for their company.
I’d name the three biggest offenders but I refuse to give them any PR (like the saying goes there’s no such thing as bad publicity. and Any publicity is good publicity.)

With that said, here are some tips for those who are in direct sales and attempting to recruit others into it.

direct sales tips

– Do not assume everyone is interested in your product or your biz opp. Know your target market or ideal recruit.

– Contact people who express a genuine interest; otherwise, you’ll waste your time pursuing people and probably annoy them in the process.
This being said though, sometimes it does take a few no’s that might turn into a yes.
But…see next point…

– If you approach someone (via in person, email, text, phone, messaging) about your opportunity and they say no thanks, I’m not interested in direct sales or no, I have my own business then leave them alone! Do not continue to email/text/message them about how you know your business is perfect for them.
These people are different than the ones that may say no, not right now or something along that line. (see point above this one)

– Be active & visible in social media. If people see you, get to know you and what you have to offer the legitimately interested people will come to you.

– It’s about quality not quantity. It’s more advantageous to recruit a couple of people who will market, sell and are go getters opposed to recruiting a multitude of people who you still have to train, help, support and put forth minimal effort themselves.

Here are some great points that pretty much sum it all up from Laurie Ayers, Ind. Scentsy Family Superstar Director at ThrivingCandleBusiness.com
Recruiting isn’t about convincing anyone to do what you do. If you are in a direct sales biz and love it, that’s fantastic, but not everyone will share the same passion you do. As a sponsor you are there to mentor and support new team members, not to guilt, manipulate or be a royal pain to get someone to join. If you share your opportunity with enough people in your target market others will be happy to join you – without you being relentless about it. Remember, some will, some won’t, so what; someone’s waiting. Spend your time sharing with those who would have a genuine interest in doing what you do.

Now, go recruit in the right way and not in the PIA way!

To success…

Do you have any Direct Sales tips to share
post them below…

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