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Quick Update

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Yes, I am in fact still around
just not HERE

Mind you this graphic could be me, less the fact I don’t have a dog (R.I.P to my JD back at new years) and I don’t go shopping…

but juggling real estate and guess the car could be fact that 3 weeks ago was in a hit n run (yep, I”m fine…the car…not so much!)
Christa just graduated high school! woot!
I’m still studying for CA real estate license
Getting ready to take my FL post license real estate exam
Living life day to day and choosing which battles to take on
and keeping my personal life personal!

busy busy busy
and it’s easier (read that as faster) to post on Instagram or other places than to format a post here…
sorry but it is!

So, if you really want to keep up with what’s going on, check out the social media links to the right here and odds are you’ll find more up to date info there than the now apparently random occasional post here on the blog itself.

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