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Last Hour Reprieve & new part time job

Posted by Tara Burner 5 comments

Here’s the update to my cry for help
and a huge THANK YOU to those who helped w/donations and/or purchasing my discounted services!
I fell far from what I needed to give to the landlord…
but, I was shown favor by him…
He agreed to let me pay what I had and make payments of $400 (or more) every month in addition to the normal rent to pay off the past due amount!
So, we’re not moving!!!
That’s a huge relief, because moving is such a pain (especially when you live on the 3rd floor of a building and there are no elevators!)
And, this place is nice and the master bedroom is huge (bonus for Christa since that’s her room), the location is perfect
So, we’re staying and now I just have to get $1600/month total (or more) to landlord til paid off
So, if I am still going to offer my services at huge discount for a bit longer since I’ll have to get all this together!
And, to those who couldn’t grasp how I was remaining calm and not looking all doom/gloom (some even emailed saying point blank that I was too happy so they were not going to help), I just want to say that it was totally by favor and standing in faith, trusting, BELIEVING that it’d all work out and the reality that being all upset/sad/depressed/pissed off does absolutely no good so why go there?!
Y’all do remember the 8 rings I wear (that never leave my fingers unless they fall off now that some of them are too big and I haven’t found a place to cut them and make them smaller without ruining them)…Praise, Believe, Strength, Blessed, Hope, Faith, Love (ok so 7 of the 8 have words on them, 1 doesn’t)
Words that I need to remember, practice in my life and stay focused on!

Today I got a part time job.
Ready for it…

Hot Dog Cart/Grill girl!
At Champions Grill at Inverrary
which is part of the Inverrary Golf & Country Club
So, if you happen to be in Lauderhill or nearby, put in 9 or 18 holes or just stop by and grab some food from me!
For now, I’ll be there Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
Which is the ideal position for me…
I love being outside, like the heat and like something different and people so this is ideal, plus you guys know I was in need of a new job since the company I used to work for was not informed about the talent risk management system and they ended up firing all the experienced employees to get new ones with less salary, they were the ones who lost at the end!

Yes, I’ll still be doing my social media promoting/managing as well as the fitness/weight coaching around working at Champions Grill.

Nothing changes or gets taken away…just improves and adds to what I’m doing!

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May 31, 2012
9:47 pm
#1 Sonia :

Hell Tara,

Thank you for the update. I was going to email you. I am happy to find out that things are working in your favor. The reason they are…you are such a positive and outgoing person. You are right, being depressed just makes things worse. Your positive attitude brought positive to you. It will only get better. I know it will. I am happy that I have met you.

Sonia xx

May 31, 2012
9:53 pm

Sonia, I’ve been posting about your upcoming book release and will have the review on here soon!!!! 🙂

May 31, 2012
9:56 pm
#3 Sonia :

Thank you Tara! 🙂

May 31, 2012
11:30 pm

What great news! I’m glad you had faith and it worked!

Jun 1, 2012
9:46 pm
#5 Pam G :

Great news!!!! I’m glad to hear it!!!

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