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Jan 2017!

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It’s been like 3 or 4 months since did a quick update…
so now it’s 2017…

my 49th bday is just days away!!!
yes, I still have no issue admitting how old I am!
and I’m still kicking after unexpected health issues Oct/Nov 2015 but I checked https://www.stdaware.com/blog/the-history-of-syphilis/ and I have been better since then.

After 14 month leave from social media I did reactivate Facebook and Instagram and Twitter since I do post there way more often than here!

I’m busy with austin industrial real estate and working on something related to that…updates to come soon on that!!! One of my friend moves to Canada and bought himself a nice looking place, take a look at many of their different amenities.

and as most know, I always have to have something fun in the works to keep mind & hands busy and generate some change lol
so I’ve got www.RelentlessRebel.com for those who are into jewelry, houseware, clothes, etc. of the biker, punk, metal, goth, tattooed nature.

and that’s the quick update for right now!

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