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It’s been awhile

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It’s been some time since I posted…(like 14 or so months)
Quick update…
*After 47 1/2 yrs of perfect health, no dr’s, etc. I’ve spent the last 7 months dealing with major health issues that I’ll apparently be dealing with for the rest of my life. But, I’m still doing real estate and taking care of business.

*I’ve moved in & started new life with my BF

*I have a new pit puppy

*MIGHT possibly be working a small new project or two

*I’m enjoying life one day at a time, as that’s all we really can do…the future isn’t promised to any of us.

And that’s pretty much all I feel like sharing right now.

Til next post (whenever that may be…)
enjoy life, love the one you’re with, have fun, smile, laugh and cherish every moment!

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