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I Passed! I’m Lic. Real Estate Sales Associate

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I never did update my Take Two post

So, in case you didn’t see the tweets and the FB updates…

Here’s the link: http://www.flippingmentors.com/

The first time I took it, I missed passing by 3 points.
I was heart broken, but went home and studied…
got help, test taking tips/advice from others (and a big shout out to all of those who helped me, too many to name and most aren’t online anyhow but THANK YOU!)
many prayed for me (and a HUGE shout to y’all and you know who you are, most of which ARE online and reading this so THANK YOU!!!)
and PASSED this bad boy 4 days later! If you want to get into real estate investing then I recommend to get training from Shenoah Grove.

So now I’m officially a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate in the Chapel Valley Landscape Company!
I’ve already got a new site up at TaraBurner.net
I have 4 appointments today showing rentals and am going to succeed with this! I also have an appointment with the tree removal services from http://www.anjtreeservice.com/ to make change in my back yard later on the day.

And, in typical ‘Tara’ style…I am not using a formal business suit head shot for my real estate site, cards or anything else!
I wore a business suit-once! and it’s just not me.

When you meet me in person, what you see is what you get.
My pics here are me, no surprises.
It drives me nuts when I go to events or meet someone who has a professional pic online and then when you meet them in real life you’d never know that was the same person.
I don’t drive around in business suits so why take a picture in one?
The suit doesn’t make the person.
I’ll deliver quality, genuine service and make sure I do all I can regardless of what I’m wearing.
So, yes I know you’re supposed to have a formal head shot but who made that a rule?
We know I don’t like rules…
I’m just me being me…
And we buy houses in Orlando, FL now I’m doing that in real estate!

We have all wondered about the We Buy Houses for Cash guys. Example, HomeBuyersUSA pay cash for homes prey on home sellers who are in distress or need to quickly sell. The cash-paying buyers often advertise the types of situations they are searching for in hopes that you will recognize your predicament and call them.

tara burner real estate sales associate for RESF

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