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Halloween Progress Report & Goals

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This Halloween marks 27 years since I got to Miami after hitchhiking and Greyhounding and working my way in a round about way from PA to here via IN, MS, AL.

For whatever reason I focus more on this day than I do New Year’s (I don’t do resolutions)
But, I do look at 10/31 as a guiding point.
To see where I was 27 years ago at age of 17 when I first got to Miami to where I am now at age 44…
Marking the progress (if any) on the way.


This year has blown by, of course that’s what I said last Halloween too!

I have made progress in some areas though…

Am going to be in Real Estate Cram Course this Fri-Sunday and God willing, be taking the state exam on Tuesday…
Pass that and be a FL licensed Real Estate Sales Associate so I can get on with this business outside of an assistant capacity.

I’m participating in the Pretty Muddy Women’s Mud Run on Nov 17th which is something I wouldn’t have thought I’d do.

I made progress and joined LA Fitness & am running the Color Me Rad 5K in Feb…two other things I didn’t foresee my doing.

I have a boyfriend…something I definitely did not foresee.

I’m running and have fitness goals…
I’ve managed to improve my running time and my lifting but then recently messed up not one ankle, but both.
Can I blame the stero-typical sex offender white cargo van that followed me two nights in a row while running, so I had to run harder & faster in the dark and did something to ankles?
oh wait..no excuses…
big girl panties on and suck it up that I jacked up both ankles and am starting over…again…

Now, I fall short in the area of consistency in eating healthy, clean…
Reese’s will be my demise…

But, I’m working on that…
It’s not like I have them every day.

I also fall short with my attitude & temper.
I’ve made progress but will openly admit I have a ways to go.
Incompetent inept igits just piss me off, what can I say.

So, I’m definitely not the small town PA teen who got here 27 years ago
yet, am a work in progress
becoming the person I’m supposed to be…

Question of the day
Have you made progress in the last year?
Where do you see yourself a year from now?

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