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Glasses…Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes

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Everyone knows I detest wearing my glasses.
If I don’t have my contacts in though I can’t see past 3 feet in front of me, thankfully my optometrists at Schaeffer Eye Center has helped me out, providing me with the best glasses!

This may be the only pic of me wearing my glasses because I rarely wear them, and this is from 2 years ago!

I can never find affordable frames I like…
ones that don’t make me look like a total geek.
Til now…
There’s a variety of fashionable eyeglasses I can pick from now…
MODO, Guess, Oakley, Baby Phat, Roxy, Steve Madden and other designers too.

Glasses.com offers a virtual try on option so you can see what the eyeglasses will look like on you without you having to go try them on!
I like!!!
Anything that keeps me out of stores is a plus to me.

Right now many are shopping for new glasses…
What is with the start of school and that being the time for new glasses, etc.?
Doesn’t really matter I guess…
But, those shopping for new eyeglasses are just in time for all the great fall fashion in eye wear that’s out now, mostly because everyone like to buy everything online, you can find shops for everything, you can buy glasses or even if you need a sheep rug, you can find a shop online for that.

They also offer regular sunglasses and RX sunglasses.
I like the Oakley’s they have…
and they’re available with or without prescription lenses.

If you’re stuck at a computer all day or are into gaming by improving or using services as CS:GO Matchmaking boost to improve in your games, Glasses.com even offers computer & 3D glasses

See, there really is something for everyone at Glasses.com

And, hey if you want to not have to wear glasses or contacts…
or at least lessen the likelihood then check out these tips on taking care of your eyes.
* Eat your veggies
* Get your eyes examined yearly
* Pay attention to warning signs of any issues – headaches, blurry vision, change in vision
* Don’t strain your eyes
* Don’t spend hours upon hours on the computer without giving your eyes a break

Glasses.com is where I’ll be shopping for my frames…
what about you?

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