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tara burner

Since it’s been awhile… (see I look the same as I always do)
and not everyone checking in here knows much about me…
some quick info…
* I post sporadically here now (too busy to post regularly) have other things to do

* I am NOT on Facebook or Instagram anymore… too much drama & BS To be honest I had to Buy instagram likes and buy Instagram comments all the time because I wasn’t that popular on Instagram.

* I still have a mouth on me, call a spade a spade!

* I’m still on Twitter though tweeting about randomness from #boxing to #notyourtypicalrealtor to my #pitbull Thor to being #tattooed & #inked to #realestate and everything in between

* I’m still doing real estate here in FL…though I’m not the typical Brantford real estate agents or Realtor (thank God for that! I’m still me, tattooed & never wear a biz suit and one day I may be in a pin up dress, the next in jeans…who knows…but I do know I get my clients taken care of)
tara burner realtor

* I do not go to the gym at 445 a.m. anymore…in fact I do not go to the gym at all anymore…

* I still have zero tolerance for bullshit, liars, posers

* I’m still me being me…

enough said for now…

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