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Bennett Auto Supply – Bryan Wilson

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This must be the week for me and my car!
Anyone who reads this blog and follows me knows that I am not afraid to use my blog or Social Media to rant and get companies attention when things go wrong (as was the case earlier this week)
But, I’m also not afraid to use it to rave about people, businesses, etc.
And, that’s what I’m doing here regarding Bryan Wilson, manager of the Bennett Auto Supply (store 15) at 9055 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL and his Assistant Sales Manager, Ivan Rodriguez..both outgoing gentlemen who truly value their customers.

I’ve been going to this particular Bennett Auto Supply for years & years now and just had to give a shout out since it’s one of very few places I consistently go…
which means I’m treated right there and the customer service rocks (otherwise I wouldn’t still be doing business there as y’all know!)

Bryan is always outgoing, helpful and friendly.
You can also tell the other employees there respect him and they work as a big family.
Bryan and all of the counter sales people go out of their way to say hi and are courteous, polite and take the time to explain things and help their customers.

On this particular occasion I went in to get my battery checked.

When you walk in, the store is immaculate (which is hard to maintain seeing how it’s an automotive supply store!)
But check out how shiny those floors are.

Everything is organized and easy to find (and IF I can’t find something, there’s always someone nice and pleasant to ask for help)

In a time where most businesses, managers, sales people simply don’t care about their customers or quality service it’s always refreshing to do business with those who do appreciate & respect their customers and are attentive, friendly and serve you with a smile (and a genuine one at that, not some fake grin).

Bryan Wilson makes Store #15 a place I enjoy doing business with and will continue to do so as long as he’s there…
because as you, my readers, know I do not like change nor dealing with people I don’t know, trust and like.
I can easily refer anyone to this store and know that they’ll be satisfied with the service, because like I said in all the years I’ve been going there I’ve never had any issues and still frequent the store multiple times a month (ok so what can I say, I like automotive stuff…you’ll find me here more than you’ll find me at Macy’s or somewhere like that and not picking on Macy’s it was just the first girly richy rich store that came to mind).

So, once again a huge shout out to Bryan for making Bennett Auto Store 15 what it is…
a pleasure to do business with!

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