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Toning Ring Exercises (a/k/a magic circle or pilates circle)

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Today’s featured fitness gear item is the Toning Ring (Product # 30-17001), also sometimes referred to as the magic circle, or Pilates circle.

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You can sculpt, strengthen and lengthen your body while working out your core with the Toning Ring.
There are lots of resistance training exercises you can do using the toning ring…targeting the upper body, as well as working your core, thighs and glutes.
It’s an excellent item to add to your home gym.

Advantages of using a toning ring:
You can achieve muscle strength without using weights.
Pretty much anyone can use a toning ring with ease.
Using the toning ring is considered a low density exercise that when done regularly strengthens and tones the muscles as well as promotes weights loss.
Can be done in the comfort of your home.

toning ring exercises
You can get your toning ring here (Product # 30-17001)

toning ring exercises
Product # 55-11005 Toning Ring Full-Body Workout is a great supplement to the toning ring, giving you detailed explanations and images of exercises to do using the toning ring


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