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Sports Bras- Types, Fabrics, What To Look For & More

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If you’re active you know you need to keep the girls happy and the right sports bra helps with that.

Many time women overlook the importance of their sports bras.
Paying attention to the right shoes, equipment for whatever physical activity they’re performing yet not considering just how imperative it is to wear the right sports bra.
It’s a must.

Sports bras come in different styles…
tank top, racer back, high impact, underwire, soft cup to name a few.

Whether you’re an A or DDD you need to make sure you wear the right sports bra for you and your specific needs based on size, comfort, budget, level of activity that will be performed and other factors.

Some features to take into consideration when deciding what sports bra to purchase:

Compression (affects bounce factor–majorly important if you’re larger).
Pick a fabric that wicks away moisture so you keep cool and dry.
Detailed fabric info compliments of herroom.com:
Supplex Nylon/Lycra Spandex – Offers soft, luxurious feel and incredible fit, support and shape retention.
Cotton/Lycra Spandex – Soft, moisture-managing cotton combines with shape-retaining Lycra to create a very comfortable fabric with just the right amount of stretch and support.
CoolMax Polyester/Lycra Spandex – This high-performance fabric blend delivers you all the moisture-wicking benefits of CoolMax plus the comfort, stretch and shape retention of Lycra.
Polyester/Cotton/Lycra Spandex – This 3-fiber blend offers polyester and cotton for softness and moisture management while Lycra provides optimal fit and support.
Polyester/Cotton – Classic blend provides gentle softness and powerful moisture management for all your workouts.

Check the neckline and arm holes for custom fit so there’s no rubbing or chafing.
Check the seams too, that they’re flat so they don’t irritate or chafe as well, or choose a sports bra that has seamless sides.
Determine if you need/want adjustable shoulder straps for support.
Sports bras that are tagless are a plus as well, no irritation factor.
Elastic underbands provide stability and additional support, if needed you’ll want to check into that feature as well.
Affordability — stating the obvious but you can purchase sports bras ranging from $9 to $100+ You’ll want to get something in your price range that provides all you need without killing the bank.
Functionability (ok so that’s a new word!) — you want to get a sports bra that functions with you, that moves with you, that works with you. I have a few that look awesome (different types of back designs, etc) but when it comes to functioning…I’m constantly readjusting the sports bra or myself, etc. when working out…that’s no fun! So, you want to try on whatever you’re considering, move around, jump, reach, whatever…to ensure it functions with you!
Fashionable — ok so I’m not a fashionista but many are. If you’re into the matching sports bras, pants, shoes etc…great there are plenty of sports bras that are totally fashionable.

You can compare over 40 high impact sports bras here too.

Some great sports bra construction info from herroom.com
Sports Bra Construction:
Three basic sports bra constructions exist on the market today. Below is an explanation of each. However, in general, encapsulation sports bras are better for reducing discomfort, though many women prefer the compression sports bra design for modesty because it minimizes their projection.

Compression sports bras – Like an ace-bandage, this sportsbra style keeps breast motion to a minimum by pressing the breasts firmly to the chest. This style is best suited for A and B cup women.
Encapsulated sports bras – Also called natural shaping sports bras, its design is more like a full coverage bra and provides a more natural breast shape – no uni-boob look. For women with a C cup size or larger, I’s more comfortable because each breast sits inside its own pocket rather than being compressed.
Underwire sports bras – This is the newest sport bra construction. It puts an underwire in an encapsulated sports bra style. This added underwire gives even more support to a plus size sports bra.

And, of course that leads us to when to buy a new sport bra!
Admit it, you have at least one or two that you simply refuse to get rid of…
they’re too loose, they’re not supportive yet they’re comfy and you’re attached to them.

Women who wear a sports bra 3-4 times per week will need to replace her sports bra within 6-12 months. This is because a sports bra needs to be washed after each wearing. Washing, along with perspiration, body heat and body oils, breaks down the elasticity in a sport bra’s support material. Because of the high elastic content in most sports bras, a sport bra that is hand washed and hung dry will typically last longer than one that is machine washed and tumble dried.
Here are some signs that your sports bra may need to be replaced:
A noticeable looser fit
A “snapping sound” by the fibers when you stretch the sports bra to put it on.
Your breasts start having a wider range of motion
Fabric pilling – particularly under the arms.

So, if any of your sports bras sound like that, get new ones.
Your breasts will thank you!
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There you have it…
some basics on sports bras: types, construction, fabrics, when to buy, what to look for when buying new sports bras.
Don’t overlook the importance of this piece of apparel (technically sports necessity)

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