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Do you pay attention to your BP & Pulse?

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How many of you monitor your blood pressure and/or your pulse(heart rate)?

I do on occasion and this morning I’m kinda bummed.
My BP is 103/70 which is actually a bit high for me.
But, the part that totally threw me off…my pulse!
Why on earth is it 66 bpm?
I’m normally around 48-55, that’s a far cry from 66!

Here’s a blood pressure chart you can utilize for when you monitor yours (click it and it’ll open in new window or right click to save it)
As you can see, I’m currently low normal….
Do you know yours?
Most drug stores and some grocery stores have the blood pressure machines there if you don’t go to a dr (I dont and haven’t been in 15 1/2 yrs so I use my own convenient handy home monitor)

I need to work on getting my heart rate down though (this really has me irked this morning-hmmm that probably won’t help rate go down! lol)
60 to 100 beats per minute is about a normal heart rate (so really I shouldn’t be too upset with my 66, but for me that’s higher than normal).
One of the most important influencers (is that a word?!) with your heart rate is your physical fitness and overall condition you’re in.
Here are some simple steps to lower your heart rate:
Exercise for at least 2 1/2 hrs a week.
Avoid getting stressed and manage stress- and wouldn’t you know it, one way to manage stress is to exercise so double points for that!
Restrict, limit or avoid caffeine and alcohol — they both can increase your heart rate.
Avoid a lot of sugar — having a higher level of blood sugar raises your blood pressure as well as your heart rate.
Monitor your heart rate regularly and make changes in diet, lifestyle accordingly.

The list goes on but these are simple immediate things you can do to help lower your heart rate.

(Disclaimer: Yep, you know I have to put this out there to be responsible! Before doing anything, consult with your physician–just because I don’t go to dr’s and trust God for any healing I may ever need and take my health into my own hands, and do with my body what I choose to doesn’t mean you should nor do I recommend it!)

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