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7 Reasons You Should Exercise

Posted by Tara Burner 3 comments

7 reasons to exercise

I’m proud to be part of FitFluential and am kickin’ off with this post to remind everyone why they should exercise and the benefits of doing it in a quick quirky kinda way. You’ll find I’m more a visual person, but I’ve found that most people don’t read lengthy blogs (or books or anything for that matter) so quick info is the best.

Ironically, just a few days ago I had posted How To Survive The Holidays Without Gaining Weight but didn’t want to recycle that post (though it’s got good info in it).

This past Monday, I had posted a quickie short version of why you should workout

Here’s new info just because I’m good like that 😉
These may not be the reasons that normally come to mind but they’re the ones I’m going with in this post!

Makes you smarter (ok so it helps with memory and all kinds of brainiac stuff)

Gives you a feeling of accomplishment

Makes you happy.
Endorphins make you happy!

To make lifelong habits and improvements in your body & health

The dedication you give to exercising carries over into other aspects of your life

Exercise reduces the risk of heart disease
exercise for a healthy heart

Prove others wrong…
you know, the naysayers, the ones who tell you that you can’t do something…


7 Exercises Anyone Can Do
*no equipment required so there’s no excuse*
1) Walk, Jog or Run (depending on your fitness/health level)
2) Yoga
3) Plank (benefits core)
4) Push ups
5) Crunches
6) Burpees
7) Zumba (or any type of dance)

100 workout

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Question of the day
Why do you work out?
If you don’t, why not?

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Dec 5, 2011
2:50 pm
#1 Bonnie :

Great post girl! 🙂 I love the 100 workout! Fun Stuff. I’d have to say the reason I workout is ALL about looks. I’m so vein! ha! Of course when I workout I look and FEEL better too. I actually don’t like to workout but I really like ME a LOT better when I do!

Dec 6, 2011
3:51 am
#2 katie tanner :

I work out because it makes me feel good, I usually have a much better day when I start it out with a workout, but I do make a lot of excuses to not workout too, especially in the winter, I really like your 100 workout, I need to try that out, thanks for the great advice

Dec 6, 2011
5:44 pm
#3 wendy green :

you are da BOMB girlfriend!! love this post

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