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Trees In the News– Read your News Online!!!

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Why are there so many trees in the news?

The Bite:
Ok, trees don’t make a lot of headlines, but they do still make a lot of newspapers.
The New York Times uses 100 acres worth just for the Sunday edition alone.
Reading the newspaper in print is so 20th century.
Start reading your news online.

Online news is generally free, and if everyone in the U.S. switched we’d save 41,000 trees every day and avert 6 million tons of waste from landfills.

Since 1990, the paper recovered through US recycling efforts would fill 200 football stadiums to a height of 100 feet.

The Benefits

* Save trees. Americans are recycling more paper than ever, but the rate of new paper use outgrew recycling in 2004. While recycling is good, reducing is even better.

* Reduce energy use and toxic pollution. The pulp and paper industry is the world’s fifth largest industrial consumer of energy and uses more water to produce a ton of product than any other industry.

* Get news you can use. Lots of online news outlets offer customizable headline delivery via email, and many also have blogs so you can talk back.

* Save money. Home delivery costs at least $5/week, while online is either free or generally less than $50/year.

* Still read your paper on your commute. Go ahead and print out articles you want to take with you. 10 pages of recycled printer paper is still a lot less than the whole shebang.

for more Eco Friendly tips, click on the image below!

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