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Eco friendly Halloween tips

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Normally I don’t write Halloween posts, mainly because I can’t stand Oct 31st.
Not because it’s Halloween but because I got to Miami on Oct 31, 1985 then stupidly got married Oct 31, 1986 (the good thing is that it only lasted about 4 years!)
But, I simply can’t stand October 31st!
I should really get over it by now though it’s been almost 26 years!

eco friendly halloween tips

However, I’ll put aside my own personal feelings to bring you some eco friendly ways to enjoy Halloween.

Try your local Freecycle group to see if anyone has Halloween costumes you can have (I know I just gave away a few this week).

Check out thrift shops or consignment stores for costumes.

Or, host a costume swap with friends, neighbors to exchange costumes without having to spend any money or waste resources when most people wear theirs once and leave hanging in their closet.

Instead of buying plastic Halloween decorations, consider getting pumpkins, gourds, hay, etc. from local farmers or markets.

Gather leaves from your own trees (this pretty much only works if you live in an area where you actually have Fall, unlike those of us in the South) for table & home decoration or scare crow stuffing, etc.
When Halloween is over, you can compost everything.

If you’re giving out candy, you might want to consider giving a natural organic candy such as Surf Sweets.

Walk to do trick or treating instead of taking the car. If your kids don’t want you to walk with them, walk far enough back that you can still keep them in your sight rather than following along in your car.

Send your kids out with reusable totes rather than plastic pumpkins to collect all their candy. You can reuse the totes for groceries, etc. during the rest of the year.

Instead of dangerous candles lighting up your decor, try a Fright Night warmer from Scentsy. It uses a bit of electric but still better to use that than risk burning down your house!

If you carve a pumpkin, make sure to save the seeds and bake them for a yummy treat.

If you’re hosting a party put out bins so you can recycle all bottles, cans.
Use reusable plates, cutlery, cups.
If you absolutely insist on disposable, then use biodegradable plates, serving ware.

You can enter to win 6 bags of blue & orange natural tortilla chips from Whale Tails Chips to enjoy at your Halloween Party. The company is dedicated to making the oceans cleaner and providing a dangerously delicious organic natural chip for you to enjoy.

halloween treats from Whale Tails Chips

Question of the day
What are you going to do on Halloween?
Will you commit to doing one eco friendly thing for Halloween?
Do you celebrate Halloween or not?

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Oct 11, 2011
11:08 am

Great tips!!! This year instead of buying costumes we’re going to try and make them ourselves from stuff we already have/thrift store! Yay for being eco-friendly!

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