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Tips How To Have An Eco Friendly Green Valentine’s Day

Heart Shape Made of Grass

It’s been awhile since I posted green tips and with Valentine’s Day being one of the largest wasteful holidays (other than Christmas) I figured now would be the time to share some green how to’s.
Not that I am celebrating Valentine’s Day but to those who do…
Pass on giving store bought …

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Green Apple Active Review

This was an instant love affair for me…

green, peace sign in the logo, eco friendly, active wear and a slogan of “Eco active lifestyle for free souls”
I’m seriously having a crush over this clothing line!
Green Apple Active speaks to me!
I mean really…those of you who know me know that everything …

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Natural House Probiotic Cleaners Review & Giveaway

I received a 30 day supply of Natural House’s  first three products (Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky)

I tossed one of the Sinky down the disposal and let it do it’s thing!
Scrubbing probiotics scours your drain and disposal clean driving out odors at their source. Eco-Friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable

I personally think Flushy was …

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Ways you can recycle or reuse packing materials

Ways to Recycle or Reuse Packing Materials
With the holidays upon us that means an abundance of shipping and packing materials!

Shipping Peanuts
Fortunately a lot of places are now using biodegradable shipping peanuts so you can use in your compost pile if you have one.
If you don’t have a compost pile, put …

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Bottlehood Sushi Plate Review & Giveaway & reader discount

Thanks Rachel for the wine bottle sushi plate to review.

These sushi plates are made from wine bottles and create a reclaimed perfectly curved glass dish.
Ideal for sushi!

If you click the image to see it bigger, you can see the detail better of this great repurposed wine bottle plate.

I love my …

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Nalgene reusable bottle from Reuseit.com review

I love reusable water bottles, since I’m always harping about drinking enough water and being green
I received the Nalgene wide mouth 32 oz bottle.

Some of this Nalgene reusable water bottles features are:
Wide mouth fits ice cubes and makes it easy to clean
It’s light weight
Stain & odor resistant
Attached loop-top screws on …

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Care for Creation book review

This is an easy to read and apply book for children who love the environment and God as well.
It’s refreshingly illustrated and the pages contain ways for children to respect the environment and what could happen (and in fact is happening) due to others not conserving and protecting our resources.
The …

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Tropical Traditions Coconut Dishwasher Detergent Review & Giveaway

Washing dishes just got better…
With Tropical Traditions powder dish detergent with enzymes.

I’ve used this for a couple of weeks now and have to say my dishes and glasses are coming out cleaner than they did with another eco-friendly brand I was using prior to this.
The silverware is no longer splotchy …

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Reusable bags from Textiles By Teal Review & Giveaway

I received a set of 3 reusable bags from Textiles by Teal.

As everyone knows by now, I’m an eco lover and don’t believe in using things and throwing them out.
Additionally I always have some type of snack, food with me since I’m often on the road and on the go …

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J. Fein Designs- Artisian Crafted Eco-Friendly Jewelry Review & Giveaway!

If you like urban organic vintage eco friendly jewelry you have to check out J.Fein Designs.

From their site:
We recycle beauty by using reclaimed vintage jewelry, buttons, cameos and other findings to create our eco-friendly line of vintage and wood rings.
Our signature style incorporates sustainably harvested sono wood rings hand-carved by …

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Eco friendly Halloween tips

Normally I don’t write Halloween posts, mainly because I can’t stand Oct 31st.
Not because it’s Halloween but because I got to Miami on Oct 31, 1985 then stupidly got married Oct 31, 1986 (the good thing is that it only lasted about 4 years!)
But, I simply can’t stand October 31st!
I …

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grenk (green ink) from InkBright Review

Everyone knows I don’t like to print things (waste of ink and paper, resources) but when I do it’s nice that I can use eco-friendly ink cartridges from InkBright.

Grenk is a new line of re-manufactured ink and toner cartridges designed to leave the smallest environmental footprint possible.

The cartridges are the …

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DesignerLiners- biodegradable trash bags Review & Giveaway

Sponsored by Tomoson.com

I luv their slogan
Designerliners is here to help you “Dress the Mess”
Designerliners are a biodegradable waste basket liner that will help you clean up the world one trash can at a time.
Designerliners are recyclable, decorative and can beautify your trash.
Product Info
- are fully biodegradable in 9 months …

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BUILT Lunch Tote Review

I received a Built lunch tote to review.
A bit about BUILT before I get into the review.
BUILT designs fashionable and functional totes, bags, and cases that make life on the go more enjoyable.

Product Features
* Extra-roomy lunch tote insulates up to four hours (time varies depending on external temperatures)
* Tested for …

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Shop To Be Green Review & $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

I’d love to introduce you to a new shop I found online at ShopToBeGreen.com.
ShoptobeGreen.com is a small family owned online green products retailer. They have a love of organic, natural and sustainable products that promotes a healthy lifestyle for you and the planet. You’ll find only the best green …

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GlassDharma-reusable glass straws review & $25 gift certificate & straw giveaway

I want to introduce you to these wonderful and quirky reusable glass straws.

I received a few different glass straws to try and loved them all.
These straws are reusable, durable, sustainable and you can also use them for hot & cold drinks.
Plus, they’re dishwasher safe too.
These glass drinking straws are ideal …

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Grow-A-Note Plantable Cards from Eco-Artware.com

I received the Fern Plantable Note cards with envelopes from Reena, Director of Eco-Artware.com.
Eco-Artware.com is a web-based gallery of unique, well-made and environmentally friendly gifts. Our natural and recycled products are eco-friendly and sustainable. They’re unique works of art for people who care about our planet.
You can purchase a …

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Green Hurricane Preparations

For those who know me, they know I do not verbally say the “H” word (hurricane) and the only reason I’m even typing it is because I’m doing this blog post and if I didn’t then nobody would know what I was talking about!
Having been through too many to count, …

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Ellecante Eco Friendly Designer Clothing | Green Age Necklace Review & Giveaway

Everyone knows I’m an eco lovin’ person!
and seriously beginning to be a fashion, jewelry, nail, accessory lovin’ girl too!
So, I was thrilled to be able to enter the Ellecante Eco Friendly Designer contest to win this red leaf necklace from TwoClassyChics.com

Tagua is a palm seed from the Colombian rain forest. …

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Easy Lunchboxes Review & Giveaway

I have to say I was impressed right from the start with the EasyLunchBoxes kit.
The quality, the product itself, and of course the fact it’s eco-friendly (no more waste when it comes to packing lunch!).

This lunch box kit is excellent!
It contains 4 compartment food storage containers and a cooler to …

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